Saturday, February 27, 2010

HIGH FASHION LAND venture into Beauty Products now!!!!! Proudly introduce the BEST SELLING BEAUTy MASKS from MY BEAUTY DIARY!!!

My Beauty Diary Masks in Natural Lines

My Beauty Diary Mask in Newly Launched Luxury Lines ( Upgraded with Japan-imported mask metrial & top quality essences)
Yes, as per the post title, H.F.L would love to bring more than just outer layer of beauty like clothes and accesories.

As skin that is radiant, soft, bright and smoothes represent to be one of the essential keys to make us a Super Hot Chicks.
*ok , no nid Miss Landlady to tell u how good skin make u look fabulous*

I bet Quite A Lot of you girls or even guys out there,had ever heard of this Sizzling Hit Selling Beauty Masks that are so so famous in Taiwan & Japan, merchandising by

*A lil intro of MY BEAUTY DIARY*
~The MY BEAUTY DIARY MASKS is the latest series introduced by the PRESIDENT COMPANY~

~ Two SERIES of Masks are developed ( LUXURY LINES & NATURAL LINES) in order to meet different skin needs from different individual with variety daily activities~

~Despite the effectiveness (surprise me with its generously juicy essences while my first time trying out this mask) and affordable price, The adorable packing of the Masks make this series so irresistable and heart striking for us women, of course :)~

~This series of Masks turned out be famous after being featured on Taiwan Beauty shows by artists~

~And now, it becomes the Most Hot Selling Beauty Product in Taiwan & Japan, and Next BIG BOOM to Great Malaysia & Singapore too * lucky us* :)

~Do click on the link to visit Official Website~

~*~*Personal Experience*~*~
~The Juicy Essence contains in these masks (i had tried both types, Natural lines & Luxury lines) can be easily absorb by your skin without leaving any sticky feeling~

~ For best result, use it after cleaning and doing scrub on your face~
~Do not use it overnight like wearing it for sleep as according to professional experts, such method is harmful to our skin no matter what type of beauty products u use *beside sleeping mask*

~ Remove the mask after 20-30min ; Recommended to rub the used mask around your body skin part which u think is rough, the balance of essence will help to hydrate ur body skin too :)~

OK, enough telling story, with great products with high quality, now all you girls need is GREAT DEAL!!

OnLY RM3.50 per pieces For (Natural Lines Mask & Eye Mask)

Only Rm4.00 per piece for ( Luxury Lines Mask *upgraded* )

yuppppp,at here, H.F.L offer you total freedome to choose or try what u want without pushing u to purchase the whole big box

Besides, to make the goodnews even better, Pos Express Envelope (RM3.50) is entitled for posting of these mask too :)
*would try to fit in as many pack of masks i can, depend on number of packs too*

So, thanks for doing a lil read up here, pls scroll down to grab yours, dun hesitate to mail me for any inquiries at

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